Pictures Worth No More Than 10 Years

Perjury 2 - Copy
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The knife was lawful right?

Illegal arrest clearly evidencing indifference correct?

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Pictures Worth No More Than 10 Years

The Reality of Baltimore City

Why are we hearing the typical black grievance rhetoric out of this Baltimore situation that we’ve heard in so many other cases? That we’ve heard for so long? People, myself even, find it difficult to grasp how an entirely democratic, minority majority controlled city would produce the same cries for how the “system” is broken, how #BlackLivesMatter, “No Justice, No Peace” etc.

How can the system be broken, how can Black Lives Not Matter when they have what they’ve wanted all along; black city council, black prosecutors, black judges, black police chief, black mayor and on and on it goes. From residents on the streets of Baltimore City to talking heads in the media we hear about “systemic racism”? Huh? How can that be? Are they saying that all those blacks and other minorities in power, in the “system” are racist against their own? I doubt that’s the case. What I think is going on here is really just a simple matter of habit.

Blacks for the most part are literally raised to believe they are oppressed by the white man. That is the “system”, the “systemic racism” through local police, judicial system, governance, education, economics etc. They are taught this from the day they are born. They are taught this by their parents, siblings, friends, teachers, religious leaders, activists, news media, music, television, movies, books, art, academic research and papers, community organizers, politicians and yes even clothing lines. There are literally no areas of life where black people can go where they are not taught somehow they are oppressed in some form or fashion, be it a reality in some form or fashion or not. And through that teaching forms their worldview, their reality, it is literally a broken record.

No matter how far away from the end of slavery, reconstruction etc. the world moves, no matter the trillions spent, no matter the power gained, the “reality”, the worldview remains. That is how you get a black city council member, Nick Mosby, explaining that a system, the very system he is part of, the very district Freddie Gray was from, has failed the people of Baltimore City. That the riots, burning, looting, theft and assaults of innocent people and police are merely a symptom of the “system” being expressed by the people, the oppressed.

Mosby like many other blacks, despite their position and actual lives, are unable to remove their worldview. There can never be Justice or Peace because to them there is always “No Justice, No Peace”.

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The Reality of Baltimore City