Explaining Facts to Idiots

Walter Scott was pulled over by Officer Michael Slager because a third brake light was out. There is no evidence provided he was pulled over due to his blackness.

Slager asks for the license, insurance and registration. There is no doubt Slager is aware of Scotts blackness at this point yet despite this fact he does not murder him in cold blood by shooting him.

Scott gives Slager a fishy, conflicting story about the ownership of the car he is driving. He provides no documentation other than apparently his driver’s license.

Slager goes to his cruiser.

00:00 Less than a minute goes by and Scott runs from vehicle. It is unknown why Scott ran and the passenger that was with Scott is unsurprisingly uncooperative in this regard.
00:03 Slager runs after Scott
00:16 Slager yells Taser Taser Taser
Notice again Slager did not reach for his sidearm and shoot Scott as he ran even though Slager can clearly see Scott is black.
Witness Gwen Nichols says the fight started at the path entrance
Slager Scott Shooting Scene - Copy
00:38 Slager yells for Scott to get on the ground
00:42 Slager yells for Scott to get on the ground
01:03 Slager yells for Scott to lie on the ground
Numerous times Scott is told to get on the ground and still Slager does not shoot him, Scott is still black at this point.
01:18 Slager tells the other unit to step it up
01:30 Slager and Scott are seen on video apx 100 yards from path entrance in an apparent struggle on the ground. Still Slager does not shoot Scott who is still black.
01:30 Apparent sounds of a taser
Wrist lock and removing sidearm - Copy
01:42 Slager is reaching for his sidearm with his right hand, his left hand is holding Scott’s right wrist, they are facing each other. 14 seconds later Slager is heard saying “he[Scott] grabbed my taser”. I believe it most likely that at this moment either both Scott and Slager were struggling over the taser or Scott had the taser in his right hand and Slager was attempting wrist control over Scott to point the taser away from him or disarm him. The taser is then seen bouncing on the ground away from the two behind Slager. This is the critical fraction of a second that already set in motion Slager reaching for his sidearm. I think it’s an absurd expectation to apply a standard that one ought to be able to suddenly freeze time in the heat of the moment of a fraction of a second and stop the already in action moment of pulling a weapon as the suspect is about to turn and run which cannot be known at that fraction of a second by the officer especially given the totality of the circumstances that immediately preceded it which constituted a protracted struggle lasting approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds. That is not murder. Slager did not set out to murder a black man. Slager had ample opportunity to kill this black man in the minutes before yet did not. Slager had many opportunities to kill black men in the years of his service yet did not.
01:43 Slager is pointing sidearm at Scott, Scott is in a sideways position relative to Slager
01:44 The first shot is fired as Scott runs
01:46:30 the final and eighth shot is heard

The cops immediately assess Scott’s injuries, provide aid and chest compression’s to Scott who is later declared dead at the scene.

With little investigation by SLED and Solicitor Scarlett A. Wilson, Michael Slager is fired, arrested and charged with murder three days later.

Slager will apparently have a grand jury and possibly a trial where the jury will decide if the prosecutor has met the burden of proof beyond all reasonable doubt.

Explaining Facts to Idiots

6 thoughts on “Explaining Facts to Idiots

  1. polk8dot says:

    Truly makes one wonder how things so readily apparent to some are yet so obscured and unacceptable to others.
    “Facts? What facts? We don’t need no stinking facts! We got BLACK PRIVILEGE instead!”

    Awesome life philosophy, that will become a living legacy of Obama years, passed onto BHO’s sons to the infernal detriment to that and all other races.

    P.S. I love how detail-oriented you are. Great job you’re doing, yessiree.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. zawy1 says:

    The running chase from the sounds seems to be about 35 seconds. This puts them at 525 feet if they ran half as fast as a world record 100 yard dash, close enough to the 600 feet indicated from Google maps. So the run does seem to end about where the cell phone video shows them. When he says very calmly “lie on the ground” at 1:00, I would think that is when the taser has Scott disabled, not at 1:30 which I thought was something crackling under the video recorder’s feet. It seems clear Scott was tasered because his 2nd run is so unstable compared to when he got out of the car (weak muscles due to lactic acid depletion from the taser). It seems Scott grabbed the taser when he was recovering and threw it back so Slager could not press the trigger again. One of the two wires appears to have been hanging over Slager’s arm, one end going to the taser, and the other still stuck in Scott. Slager walks smoothly and easily so it seems he was not tasered. So the taser trigger was probably pressed 2 or 3 times (which lasts about 5 seconds each, and recovery to weak fighting ability taking at least another 5 seconds) in the 40 seconds from the end of the chase (which I think the taser ended, not a tackle) to when Scott was able to get up, grab and throw the taser, and run. The video not showing the struggle and Scott’s weak run after being tasered cause the video to make Slager’s actions look as bad as possible. It’s asking a lot to expect all poorly-paid police officers on all days to not fire once after a chase, struggle, and taser grab like this. How can we expect police officers to not get angry under these circumstances? But still, it seems way too much like an execution of someone who was no longer a threat, especially the number of shots. And that last shot?? Come on. Slager is guilty of following a strick rule in his mind that has an error: “if he grabs my taser, I can shoot until my gun is empty”. The rule should have been “I can’t shoot if my life is no longer in danger.” He said “taser, taser, taser” in a different incident, so you can see how he follows a protocol. He looked back on the ground to see if the taser was there, and then at the video camera. He never seemed like he thought he did something out of protocol, so he thought he was innocent.


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