Michael Slager/Walter Scott Shooting Scene

Advance Auto Parts 1945 Remount Road North Charleston South Carolina

Slager Scott Shooting Scene - Copy

Timeframe 9:33am April 4, 2015
9:33:00 Slager calls in license plate number of Mercedes Benz
9:33-36 Slager interaction with Scott at car
9:36:00 223 Dispatch going to be on foot down Craig street black male green shirt blue pants
9:36:13 Slager yells TASER TASER TASER

9:36:17-25 possible taser sounds
9:37:00 lie on the ground
9:37:14 step it up
9:37:38 possible taser pop and sounds
9:37:39 Draws sidearm
9:37:40-43 Fires 8 shots

Combined Dispatch and Videos (Timecode starts after Scott runs and when Slager closes car door, last two videos probably out of sync but first three vids good to go)

@2:14 of video Slager’s taser looks to have green cartridge in extra slot

Cartridge in Taser 2 copy - Copy

Soon after incident, taser looks holstered on Slager’s left side without cartridge in extra slot

X26 Taser - Copy

Fullest dispatch currently available:

Michael Slager/Walter Scott Shooting Scene

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