Jessica Chambers – Sheep to the Wolves

No news in the Jessica Chambers case since over a month ago when a basic timeline was released but I wanted to bring this to the attention of my fellow theorists who are interested in the case because it’s essentially news to me.

Jessica Chambers 1“These bitches think I’m snitching” Jessica’s mother described of her in the days and weeks before her death, paranoid.

When I first heard of the idea that Jessica could have been a confidential informant I have to admit I kind of brushed it off because of my perception on just what a confidential informant is. I had strong impressions of CI’s mainly from how movies and television portray them or from what I’ve seen in the typical jailhouse snitch in various court cases trying to get a reduced sentence, this little girl from nowhere Mississippi seemed the furthest thing from any of that.

That impression is quickly changing due to a post on by a user called Theforeigner.

What I’m beginning to realize and trying to grasp is what can no doubt be described as a severe problem that is in desperate need to be rectified in this country, the highly unregulated, apparent widespread and often shrouded in darkness use of people, children even, as confidential informants.

Consider the following;

“law enforcement and prosecutorial communities disagree over whether the practice even occurs, and if so, with what frequency. Some law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies do not admit the practice occurs at all. Others say that the use of children is “negligible”. In contrast, others willingly acknowledge that their use is “frequent” or “higher than many think”. More importantly, no government agency tracks the use of juvenile informants. Even if agencies tracked their use, however, government authorities may distort or conceal the number. The fact that law enforcement and prosecutors inconsistently define the term informant contributes to minimization. Some law enforcement officers distinguish the informal use of juveniles for information gathering from the formal use of them as informants by characterizing some juvenile informants as “friends” who voluntarily give information. In exchange, law enforcement may do “friendly favors” for the child (e.g., job placement, buy diapers, find babysitters). Confidentiality also imposes barriers to tracking the government’s use of informants. Police are in general loathe to reveal the use of informants, preferring to keep their use a secret. Moreover, the use of child informants may remain concealed within the realm of highly discretionary and confidential juvenile court filings and proceedings that cannot be studied without special dispensation.”

Upon reading of various sources on the matter what one finds is the most absolutely incredible and sometimes stupefying lengths to which law enforcement is using people in the most highly dangerous situations that have absolutely no business ever being put in such situations, not surprisingly leading to peoples deaths. People busted by police for the most minor of offenses, some nothing even to do with drugs, turned and used by law enforcement, thrown like sheep into situations with some of societies most dangerous criminals in an attempt to get them on something. Sometimes this happens to completely innocent people that do it to help a family member.

Considering everything I know about Jessica and that night, both of course still consist of too little information no doubt, and all that encompasses, I consider this now to be the highest possibility of how she ended up dead. Could Jessica have been busted with something after she left Leah’s House that led her down such path? Was she doing it to help someone else?

If this is what happened there is a possibility law enforcement may not have informed the family for obvious reasons and given the family has expressed high regard and trust for local law enforcement it may never be known as well as the circumstances and offenders regarding Jessica’s murder.

Jessica Chambers – Sheep to the Wolves

3 thoughts on “Jessica Chambers – Sheep to the Wolves

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  3. This case is so creepy. I hope the police really find who did this, and do not just grab the first possible person… I also with that they would stop using ” wolf” like this. Native Americans know how wonderful our first dogs are..they do not deserve the constant slander.


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