Wilson/Brown Shell Casings & Shooting Locations

If all 10 shell casing were recovered from within the two outer cones…

shell locations

shell casing 1

And if it is true that the furthest a shell casing can eject is 12 feet in front of the shooter to 12 feet behind the shooter:

“We found that by manipulating a gun as officers actually do in real shooting situations, the placement of ejected shell casings changed across a broad range–from 12 feet to a shooter’s right rear to 12 feet to his left front, a total span of 24 feet,” Lewinski says.


…and if the shell casings remained in their original landing positions, THEN we can conclude that the shooting occurred at approximately 12 feet in front of one cone to approximately 12 feet behind the other cone. Giving an approximate total potential shooting distance from one point to the next of 36 feet.

Shell casings

Which all occurs at least 120 feet from Wilson’s SUV within 6.5 seconds.

That will be the standard to measure witness statements.

Thanks for the help everyone.


Wilson/Brown Shell Casings & Shooting Locations

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