Wilson/Brown Timeline of Events on the Day

Figured I’d just jump right in, being late to the game and all this is a work in progress of course, ahhh…just like the old days.

11:48:09 ARRIVED ON SCENE (Event Report 2014-029058 #14-12390 2 month old child that can’t breathe when she coughs. I’m guessing this is when Wilson arrived at 2491 St Cyr, Glenarck Dr. St Louis, MO 63136)

11:52:53 through 11:58:04 (Event Report 2014-029060 #14-12388 dispatch makes radio calls describing Brown regarding robbery)

11:53 enters leaves 11:54 store video survellance

11:54:51 (Event Report 2014-029060 #14-12388 Officer arrives on scene)

12:00:00 CLEAR UNIT (Event Report 2014-029058 #14-12390 My guess is this when Wilson leaves the baby scene? Where was that and what direction did Wilson leave?)

12:01:50 OPEN (Event Report 2014-029062 #14-12391 Ferguson Police Report of Shooting first categorized 4230 DISTURBANCE/IN PROGRESS, is this Wilson reporting to dispatch?)

12:02:14 Glide video texting app of Wilson’s gunshots (Keep in mind the time from the Glide app and times from FPD will more than likely differ)


Reported first gunshot from inside police cruiser apparently not heard on released recording.

Shots in time starting from first shot at zero mark (6.5 seconds total):
0.00 Shot 1
0.66 Shot 2
1.02 Shot 3
1.30 Shot 4
1.57 Shot 5
1.90 Shot 6
4.92 Shot 7
5.85 Shot 8
6.20 Shot 9
6.59 Shot 10

12:02:22 ARRIVED ON SCENE (Event Report 2014-029062 #14-12391 I’m not sure what this is. Is this Wilson before the shooting, after the shooting or some other officer?)

12:04:55 EMS Contacted

Police reports
(Found that police report link at TalkLeft so thanks Jeralyn http://www.talkleft.com/story/2014/8/15/152825/103/crimepolicy/Michael-Brown-Redacted-Police-Reports-Released)

Again this timeline will more than likely change based on new information.

Update (Speculation until otherwise based on the only officially released reports I’m aware of)

So if we look at the Johnson video posted below in the comments and compare that to the only official logs I am aware of this is what I get. https://whiteskinnedman.wordpress.com/2014/09/13/wilsonbrown-timeline-of-events-on-the-day/#comment-11

There are four police cars, they look to me to all be FPD, seen in the video before the paramedic checks Brown @ 3:15

One of those cars is Wilsons, leaving three to account for.

If the first ARRIVED in the report is the second cop on scene then that’s at 12:02:22.

Looking at the next two arrivals this would mean the video doesn’t start until sometime on or after 12:11:18.

arrived times

Wilson/Brown Timeline of Events on the Day

49 thoughts on “Wilson/Brown Timeline of Events on the Day

  1. LetJusticePrevail says:

    You asked for the location of Wilson’s last call:

    2491 St Cyr, St Louis, MO 63136

    According to Ferguson PD Event number 2014-029058, this was Officer Wilson’s previous “event” before he encountered Mike Brown and Dorian Wilson in the Canfield Greens Apts

    The “event” was a “choking infant”
    He Arrived at 11:48:09 and departed at 12:00:00

    Scroll to page 11 of this document for details:


    If you have Google Earth I can send you an interactive map of the area with links to lots of the info (I emailed part of it to the CTH but I can email the whole thing to you directly, or through them if you wish


    1. @1:50 the chief says Wilson was on a sick call at Glen ? something. Glen ark? @3:02

      2491 St Cyr shows up near a grocery store called Shop n Save and there’s no way Willson could have gotten from there to the shooting scene in a minute. What the heck lol.


  2. The first ambulance to arrive at 12:05 hadn’t actually been dispatched to the scene. It was the ambulance who was leaving the same sick call on Glenark Drive that Officer Wilson was coming from. They had the sick child in the back of the ambulance and stopped to assist.

    From yesterday’s St. Louis Dispatch

    ‘Two minutes earlier, Wilson had left a 911 call a half-mile away, on Glenark Drive, police and emergency logs show. He had accompanied an ambulance to the home, where a 2-month-old was having trouble breathing.

    About 12:05 p.m., that same ambulance, infant in the back, came across Brown’s body in the road, said two ambulance administrators. The paramedic got out, walked into the crime scene, which was already roped off with yellow police tape, kneeled down, checked Brown’s radial pulse, then his carotid pulse, circled the body once, kneeled down again, and wiped his own brow.”


    Kevin Seltzer captured the ambulance pulling up in this video and paramedic getting out to assist Brown.. http://www.latimes.com/nation/nationnow/la-na-nn-aftermath-michael-brown-video-20140816-premiumvideo.html (sorry can’t give you a time mark, the video won’t play for me right now)

    At 3:16 mark of Ace Johnson’s video we see the paramedic check Brown just seconds after Brown’s Uncle had to be cleared from inside the police tape.

    The ambulance that was dispatched at 2:04:55 arrived on the other end of the street and at 12:48 mark of my video of August 9th clips you see the 2nd ambulance leaving while an officer is about to cover Brown’s body with an even larger sheet.

    [video src="http://annettekblog.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/brown.mp4" /]


      1. So the paramedic I see at 3:16 is from the ambulance that was first on scene? And that ambulance reportedly got there at 12:05? Then that would seem to mean the video starts at around 12:02 which seems impossible. Something’s not right here. Set me straight lol.


            1. Obviously no ambulance was on scene at 12:04:55. That’s why police dispatched one. It could be the sick call ambulance rolled up later in the 12:05 minute and the administrators chopped off the seconds. What if it arrived at 12:05:42…would they say it arrived at 12:05?


              1. I couldn’t see the report on that link but found the part here

                “About 12:05 p.m., that same ambulance, infant in the back, came across Brown’s body in the road, said two ambulance administrators. The paramedic got out, walked into the crime scene, which was already roped off with yellow police tape, kneeled down, checked Brown’s radial pulse, then his carotid pulse, circled the body once, kneeled down again, and wiped his own brow.”

                Even if it were 12:06 it would place the Johnson video starting at 12:03 which already had police tape up and at least two other officers on scene. Still too short it seems.

                I guess in the end it doesn’t make too much difference but it makes a good reference point for these various videos and statements, you know how crazy with accuracy to the seconds were in the Zimmerman case, good grief lol.


                1. Again 12:06 could be them just arriving. How long did it take from him to get out, grab his kit and walk onto the crime scene? We have video of it all.

                  You got to read that article, lots of good stuff in there to help with timeline.

                  For those who can’t read from the link, click print and it comes up in a box previewing what would print.


                  1. I click print preview and I still get the redacted version. The only thing official I have is the police reports linked above. But yes it could be they arrived at 12:05 or whatever but took a minute, 2, 3, whatever to get out.


    1. I find it almost unbelievable the news was reporting “an officer involved shooting at Canfield and Coppercreek” when apparently even Ferguson dispatch didn’t even know it was one all between 12:06 to 12:13. The earliest reporting I could find so far was after 3pm.

      It seems to me Ferguson labeled their report 4230 DISTURBANCE/IN PROGRESS because that’s what the officer, I’m guessing the second officer, on scene said it was. He was calling in about the crowd control and that’s what County got as well. It looks to me that Wilson didn’t call anything in? That second cop got there so fast but how?

      9:24 she says 12:06 I think that’s the time
      9:28 car 1190
      9:36 Ferguson has a uh, asking for assistance with crowd, crowd control asking for a Dellwood officer to respond can I send one?
      9:50 They just told me that they needed assistance on crowd control at Canfield and Coppercreek
      9:59 I’ll get em on [inaudible] 2121
      10:09 Respond to Canfield and Coppercreek [inaudible] Ferguson crowd control
      10:48 1190
      10:53 said there was just a large group, the original call was a [larceny?] just occurred and now they have a large group gathering there and she doesn’t know any further
      11:12 2190
      11:16 yeah we just got another call stating that uh it was an officer involved shooting at Canfield and Coppercreek uh I don’t know who called it in it was called in on my [desk?]
      11:27 okay 2190 be advised this information came from the news, so, don’t know [inaudible]
      11:36 absolutely
      11:37 Can I have another car go to Canfield and Coppercreek
      11:54 [disregard these?] we’re just getting information from the news and we just called Ferguson back again and they don’t know anything about it so
      12:06 2111 1023[Arrived at scene?] 12:13
      12:14 2190 1190 uhm 2121 says he’s going to advise as soon as he gets there
      12:22 2121
      12:23 let me know what they have there as soon as you can please
      12:28 You have who with you?
      12:32 2123 12:15


      1. Both Tiffany and Piaget said they called the news. I believe Piaget said that as she was filming Brown’s body being covered.

        I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the news was the first call they made and that neither ever did call 911.

        It goes to show how much distrust these ladies have of their police.

        The first call the news would make is to confirm with St. Louis Dispatch?

        Surely though some residents were calling 911 weren’t they? We need more data.


        1. I think you would be right that it would be the news calling St Louis County PD to confirm if it were in fact the case.

          Also, you can see what is probably unit 2190 (little female St Louis County PD) and 2121 (fat male St Louis County PD) from about 9:05 onward of the Johnson video.


        2. “Surely though some residents were calling 911 weren’t they?”

          No doubt. I’m getting a strong feeling the Ferguson Event Report we have, 2014-029062 (Complaint Number:14-12391), is originating from the second officer and dispatch as it pertains to crowd control. There is probably another(different number) Event Report pertaining to Wilson and the shooting in which would likely have reference to 911 calls about that shooting and Wilson’s calls to dispatch.


        3. “We need more data.”


          Is there any raw Piaget Crenshaw video out there? The only ones I can find are media edited versions. Why hasn’t she posted the whole thing uncut?
          It’s the earliest video known isn’t it?
          You can see in her video the cop next to Wilson talking to his radio no doubt that’s the report we have.
          Do we have any video of the police tape going up?
          Is there any video/photo of Wilson on his radio?


          1. She did have them posted on her facebook page but has taken all video off or made it available to those who friended her on facebook.

            I haven’t seen any copies anywhere else, but will pass them along if I come across them.

            IIRC, both her videos were short and she had two of them.


              1. I’m just learning how to record video. 🙂 I need to work on youtube. Won’t let me upload anything more than 15 minutes.

                I bought a video upgrade so I could post a video of the clips I was able to capture on the blog.


          2. LetJusticePrevail says:

            Try these:

            Michael Brady’s video is the earliest known footage. It shows the 2nd unit arriving on the scene, but has been edited to the point of near uselessness by MSNBC and CNN.


            1. Man, that’s all she recorded? Good catch on Nettles for the calling the news part, no doubt that’s the origination for the dispatch saying they’re getting their info from the news.

              There’s Michael Brady video out there? I heard him say in his interview with Anderson Cooper he took pictures and a video I but couldn’t find any.



            2. Okay, this is edited out from MSNBC, if one of those cops is Wilson, then there are a total of three cops there which could mean the cop car we see is the third cop there, it could also mean it’s the second vehicle there and two cops came out of it together but I’m guessing it’s the former and if Brady would have panned to the right we would have seen Wilson’s SUV and the other cops car.


              1. The cop car that sets up behind Brown’s body is the 3rd car to arrive. The 2nd car drove past Wilson’s car and parked on the right-hand side of road. A number of people mistook Wilson’s car for the 2nd officer’s car.


        4. cassandra says:

          Distrust?? that is political rhetoric, what those two and many other suffer from is irrational hostility against the rule of law. You definitely live in Canada.


          1. I heard some residents of Ferguson tell of being stopped by police on their way to get groceries.

            Unless you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, you don’t know what they deal with. It would be frustrating to be held under suspicion all the time. It only takes a police officer being rude to someone once to give all police a bad name in some minds.

            In solving the problem, I would not go about it as some in the black community have. Demanding and violence turns more ears off than on imo.

            If white police are seen as a problem, more blacks need to apply to become officers. There is loads of examples, black people can successfully be employed by departments. I’m at a loss on why you need to be black to police black people, but more diversity would help bridge understanding.

            Next if your community isn’t supporting you in ways you need, you vote, you run for office, you attend council meetings.

            I read that 6% of Ferguson showed up to vote in the last election held there. The formal mayor said black applicants for police positions was non-existent and he advised that only about 10 people ever showed up in the city of 21,600 at City Council meetings.

            Chief Jackson of Ferguson Police department said he can’t keep officers for long. St. Louis County pays way better wages than his budget allows. He loses officers to higher paying jurisdictions.

            The population of Ferguson appears to have disengaged in building a community and then want to bitch about what the community has become.

            As the say goes, “be the change you want to see”


            1. cassandra says:

              Nettles, I live in the heart of politics of police brutality and citizens police review boards. I chaired the largest racially diverse neighborhood group. My partner has done numerous evaluations for various public agencies in community policing in the liberal bay area, it does not get any more polarized and politics than here. Anyone can read the annual report of Police Review Boards quickly learns that the hyperbolic claims are misleading. Cops can be rude to anyone. I take my complaints to Internal Affairs rather the Police Review Commission. Every complaint was sustained, the violation was far more serious than mere disrespect.


  3. Oh good grief this comment section gets goofy. Let me put my reply to you Nettles down here.

    Nettles wrote:
    “Again 12:06 could be them just arriving. How long did it take from him to get out, grab his kit and walk onto the crime scene? We have video of it all.

    You got to read that article, lots of good stuff in there to help with timeline.

    For those who can’t read from the link, click print and it comes up in a box previewing what would print.”

    I reply

    “I click print preview and I still get the redacted version. The only thing official I have is the police reports linked above. But yes it could be they arrived at 12:05 or whatever but took a minute, 2, 3, whatever to get out.”

    Liked by 1 person

  4. That article is driving me nuts:

    “By 12:50 p.m., logs show, detectives were on their way. The first to arrive checked in at 1:30 p.m. Logs show the rest checked in about an hour later.”

    What logs?

    Not the ones I’m looking at.


    1. For them to state it like that “injuries incompatible with life.” seems like they’ve seen the logs from that ambulance. According to the FPD logs relative to that video it’s even later at 12:14.

      I wished they included the Unit numbers and who each unit was, sure would make this easier. It’s hard to imagine this whole thing happening in essentially two minutes:

      12:00:00 CLEAR UNIT (Wilson leaves baby scene apx a half mile away)
      12:02:22 ARRIVED ON SCENE (Second cop on shooting scene?)

      How the hell did that second cop get there so fast especially considering dispatch looks to have been wrong about where it was at 12:04:02?


      1. A video from the other side of the street from where Ace recorded his 10 minutes of action, when Brown gets covered with the first sheet, someone asks what time is it and a woman responds 12:17.

        This is the moment that Ace’s video ended, so I had thought he started recording at 12:07. That is consistent with his saying he came out 3 or 4 minutes after he heard the shot. But how are 4 police cars on site already?


  5. I pulled the scene video shown in a New York Times piece http://www.nytimes.com/video/us/100000003072033/michael-browns-body.html to show the order of cars that pulled up onto the scene and from which direction and put it in this unlisted youtube video.


    It appears, the first 3 cars to arrive after officer Wilson saw the pair on the road, were all travelling in the opposite direction Office Wilson was going. He was headed west out of the complex and the first 3 cars came in from the west side.

    In fact, other than the ambulance that was leaving the scene of Wilson’s sick call case, all police, fire and 2nd ambulance came into the complex from the west side.

    In Chief Belmar’s briefing, we learned the 2nd car to arrive was there seconds after the shooting but did not see the shooting. It appears from where that officer parked his car, he came upon the scene. I say this because he drove past Officer Wilson’s truck and parked on (south) Ace Johnson’s side of the road. He actually parked inside the crime scene. You see it at 0.49 seconds of the video. This car was mistakenly identified by many by-standers and at least one media outlet as belonging to Officer Wilson.

    Mike Brady shows video from his phone that show two officers already standing by Mike Brown’s body and Officer Wilson walks out of the frame. The 3rd car stops to talk with the 2nd officer and then pulls into position behind Brown’s body. That car is the only one that goes that far east on Canfield drive. Brady said this was the first video he was able to capture before crime scene tape was up. He said he recorded it from his balcony.

    I think this proves that Brady may not have seen the final shots that fell Mike b/c Brady said he grabbed his phone and went out on the balcony to record. So why when he starts recording is there already 2 additional officers on the scene?

    The fourth officer’s car can be seen in the video at the 0.29 mark and you’ll note it pulls into a driveway on Piaget’s (north) side of the road.

    These are the 4 cars on scene when Ace Johnson comes out at about 12:04 CST and starts to video the scene. So records should show 3 cars arriving by 12:04.

    I read there is only one way in and one way out of this complex. We can therefore assume that Tiffany Mitchell who was picking up Piaget Crenshaw for work, coming from downtown St. Louis, was travelling towards the east side as well. So her car would have been facing the front of Wilson’s car before she pulled into the south parking lot of Ace Johnson’s building. When she moved her car to allow emergency vehicles in, it looks like she drove around the back of the apartment and parked it where Ace Johnson was filming.


      1. “I read there is only one way in and one way out of this complex.”

        You can get in/out going East as well to all the major roads that surround the area, W Florissant Ave is just the closest one but I think your point still stands there as it seems the most obvious choice of road one would take when entering or leaving the area.


        1. Correction, I think Ace Johnson’s video started recording at 12:07. A bystander on another tape says it is approx. 12:17 when EMT cover Brown’s body with a sheet. That’s were Ace’s video ends and he filmed for 10 minutes.

          Of course, one newspaper has two sources with the ambulance administration dept. who say the sick call ambulance was on site at 12:05. But in Ace’s video, it arrives 3 minutes and 15 seconds after he starts filming.


          1. “…A bystander on another tape says it is approx. 12:17…”

            Think we’ve been over that lol.

            It all just doesn’t fit with the report. I mean I can understand if there was a mistake on the dispatchers part not to enter something but it seems obvious to me there’s stuff missing. It’s not just the two missing arrivals but it’s also the first change of location. Where’s the entry of the first location that it’s changing from? It’s not there. It just starts so oddly: 12:02:22 Arrived on Scene, what, nothing before this is known? WTF? I just don’t get it, there’s got to be more but if there is why leave it out?


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