About the Death of Robin Williams

robin williams

What kind of belt was it? That was the question I asked to myself after Assistant Chief Deputy Coroner Lt. Keith Boyd announced to the world that in fact it was a belt which was the instrument used by Robin to commit suicide and I decided to grab a leather pants belt and put the end with the holes in it, the buckle end would indubitably be around the neck, and wedged it between the frames and various doors in my house much like was described…

williams report segmentthttp://www.marinsheriff.org/press.aspx


Police conference

…Much to my surprise I was easily able, pulling straight downward, to pull the leather belt out from between the closed doors, it simply would just slide right out with little effort. Clearly then the probability of someone successfully hanging themselves in such a manner seems very low unless of course something were affixed to the belt such as a hook or something but this seems unlikely in the Williams case.

So, what kind of belt was it?

I then decided to try a cloth belt from a robe. This time I found it much more difficult to pull the belt out. It took a lot of effort to pull it out that left the impression in my mind that it could be likely it was that type of belt which were used. However I still was able to get it out so there remains doubt in my mind that Williams’ body would have trouble pulling the belt out.

I have many other questions of course but am waiting in due time for future police conference reports and toxicology. I have a strong suspicion they will rule Williams death a suicide, release very little actual evidence and we will be left with unanswered questions. This of course then rules out homicide and accidental death.

Homicide? Well I hope the police at least consider and investigate it.

Accidental death? Sure, I supposeĀ Erotic asphyxiation is a possibility. What concerns me in this regard was how Boyd was sure to include “clothed” in the report and at the press conference as if it were a foregone conclusion that Erotic asphyxiation, either by self or with another, could not be the case. Such a thing should not be ruled out so hastily.

“Robin Williams did not commit suicide” by AdamKokesh

Suicide? Very well the most likely but the inevitable question of why will endure. For that I will leave for another time. Let me just state in the mean time that if it were in fact suicide it was more than likely a contribution of many factors; drugs, recreational and prescribed, depression, enslavement to alimony, and not just one thing. Until the final reports then I leave you some others thoughts if you like.

Stefan Molyneux
The Truth About Robin Williams

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About the Death of Robin Williams

2 thoughts on “About the Death of Robin Williams

  1. cassandra says:

    It is difficult for people with no experience with Parkinson Disease to understand that Parkinson damages the brain differently in people. I have direct knowledge as a care partner to a sibling w/ young onset PD. MJFox ‘s PD is NOT Robin Williams presentation. Those suffering with the most difficult aspects of this horrific disease to treat, i.e. anxiety,depression, dementia and psychosis, live in a world isolated and agonizing beyond the current public comprehensive of PD. My sibling has an exit plan when he can’t take the misery anymore.


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